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The following steps outline how each round of problem solving will unfold as we play the game. Use these steps to guide your conversations and experiments!

Step 1: Identity a Facilitator and Note Taker

Before beginning each round, make sure to identify a Facilitator and Note Take on your team. The Facilitators job is to ensure the team can align on a problem and subsequent experiment within the given timebox. The Note Takers job is to ensure the Experiment Form is completed by the end of the round.


Step 2: Review the Artifacts

At the beginning of each round you will be given a set of new artifacts to review that will provide you context and information on the company, as well as feedback from employees. It is up to the team to determine what, if any, of the information should be used when discussing problems and identifying experiments.


Step 3: Identify A Problem

After reviewing the artifacts, identify a problem that might arise given the scenario presented that the team would like to solve. The Facilitator will help the team identify the problem that will be discussed during the round. Sticky notes and pens have been provided at each table as tools to aid in your decision making.


Step 4: Discuss the Problem and Create an Experiment!

As a table, discuss the problem identified. Determine what the problem is, why it’s a problem, who’s impacted, and what the implications would be if left unresolved. Create an experiment that can be run to help solve for the problem.


Step 5: Document Your Experiment

Based on the team’s discussion and the identified experiment, document your experiment. Identify the hypothesis that is being tested (e.g. we believe this solution will resolve this problem and here is how we will know if it worked) and provide enough details on how to conduct the experiment so others can replicate it. The output of each round is a completed Experiment Form.

Step 6: Rinse and Repeat

Repeat Step 1-5 for each round until the end of the workshop.



Download a copy of the How To Play rules above

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