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The Scenario

It’s the year 2025 and the owner and long-time CEO of Reimagine Corp, Dan Johnson, has just made his last decision. Earlier this year at the annual all-hands meeting, Dan announced that with support of the Board of Directors, we will be eliminating our management hierarchy and departmental structure to better distribute decision making and promote self-management within Reimagine Corp. A company of 10,000 people distributed around the world with revenues of $1 billion annually, this change has already sparked many important questions such as “how does this effect the way I work today?” Dan has asked us, a group of employees representing different aspects of the company, to come up with a plan for how we will implement his final decision within 90 days. Now we must figure out what this means for us, our customers, and ultimately the future of of Reimagine Corp.

See Dan's All Company Email and our Team Charter

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